Residential Solar

DS Energy provides premier design, installation, maintenance and repair of solar system products for Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast homes. Whether you’re looking for a small or large scale job, residential solar panel systems are our speciality!

Residential Solar System Installation

The DS Energy solar team is backed by more than four decades of design and residential solar panel installation experience, making them knowledgeable professionals that you can trust. We are committed to delivering the latest technologies and best industry practices, along with competitive pricing. As part of your residential solar installation, our comprehensive service includes project management, design, supply, installation, testing and maintenance of your system.

Plus, at DS Energy you can trust that your solar solution is being installed by a qualified electrician. We hold electrical licenses in

  • QLD – 80462 (ex 23/02/2022)
  • NSW – 366297C (exp 26/08/2025)
  • NT – C 4203 (exp 28/04/2024)

    Solar System Design

    As part of the design of your solar panel system, we take into account:

    • The amount of electricity your home uses currently and estimates for the future
    • The times when electricity is most used in your home which can be used to extrapolate the need for solar battery storage
    • The size, pitch and orientation of your roof
    • The amount of shading (permanent and fluctuating) at different times of the day and year caused by physical structure such as neighbouring homes or trees and large shrubs

    The consideration of these factors is an essential part of the process of determining the best size and type of solar system to suit your needs.

    Tesla Powerwall

    As a certified installer of the Tesla Powerwall, DS Energy can help reduce your reliance on the grid using the game-changing technology in the Tesla Powerwall. Unlike generators, the Powerwall stores your solar energy for when the sun isn’t shining, detects outages and automatically becomes your home’s energy source when required. Not only does the Powerwall help prepare your home for power outages, reduce your carbon footprint and save you money, its compact design offers versatile mounting options for indoor or outdoor spaces.

    Why DS Energy?

    As a service company, at DS Energy we pride ourselves on the ability to respond to your service requirements in an efficient and cost-effective manner. If you’re looking for experienced, trustworthy solar industry professionals, you have come to the right place! Call us today on 07 3161 5351 or fill in the enquiry form and we will find the residential solar panel system that is perfect for you and your home.

    Finance Options

    At DS Energy, we recognise that while solar panel systems are a sustainable investment that will save you money in the long run, the panels themselves and the installation can initially be quite expensive. That’s why we offer finance options for our customers.

    Ethical integrity, value for money and complete transparency are our core values when it comes to finance offers for your residential solar panel system.

    We could easily offer you an “interest free” option, however, in most cases we’ve found this to be a false claim as the fees and charges generally equate to more than what you’d pay on a small loan from a reputable lender. We are committed to finding you the most cost-effective solution by recognising that our area of expertise lies in electrics, not finances, and therefore taking the advice of finance professionals.

    We choose to use specialised brokers for finance options, who tailor finance, especially for your situation to provide you with the best option for your new solar system that will always be the cheapest and most sustainable in the long run.

    We encourage Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast families to click the button below or talk to us today on 07 3161 5351 about solar panels for your home and the finance option that's right for you.

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  • Small Commercial Loan: $0 – $75,000

    We are able to offer a small commercial low doc loan that has options to cover 100% of the cost, can be either an operating lease (similar to a hire purchase) or a chattel mortgage structure, over 1-7 years terms with rates that vary between 7-10%

    Energy Lease: $75,000 – $1,000,000+

    The most common option for large business with large power bills. Generally taken over a 10 year term it has a full doc option to cover the entire outlay of your purchase, is a chattel mortgage structure with a 3-10 year option, fixed rates between 3.99% - 5.5% and enables you to claim depreciation on your asset. In many instances we see customers saving up to 80% of their old outlay.

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