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Developing an innovative solar solution for an innovative business

The flexible and innovative shared workspace, Incorporate Space ( in Brisbane’s outer southern suburb of Willawong, needed a solar installation solution which reflects its business model and philosophy, so they asked us to find the most cost-effective solar solution for them.

Incorporate Space offers innovative, flexible and bespoke workspaces from conference rooms to individual and shared workstations, storage and shelving and even lounge spaces.

Solar System Recommendation

The system includes 20 Trina HoneyM DD06M.05 (II) 330W solar panels with a product and linear performance warranty for 10,176kWh every year and a Fronius Symo 5kW Total Inverter.

Energy Savings

The 25-year lifetime savings on electricity bills produced by the solar solution would amount to around $38,088 at current prices, seeing an estimated $31,411 in savings over that period.

That is a total return on investment of 470%. With a payback period of 4.9 years, the rate of return on the investment would be 25.3%.

Of the electricity generated by the solar installation, 38% would be expected to be consumed by Incorporate Space with 62% exported to the grid, providing a new income stream for the organisation.

While the cost savings alone are enough to encourage commercial and industrial businesses to consider a solar solution for their energy needs, it also allows an organisation to spruce its environmental friendliness.

The solution developed for Incorporate Space would negate the carbon emissions of 173 long haul flights or 242,258km driven by cars and equates to the planting of 1,557 trees.

We Design a System to Suit You

Solar assets have a design life of between 20 and 25 years and there is no one-size-fits-all solution to solar installation needs, which is why we always undertake an economic analysis for each business before developing a solution which saves money and reduces emissions.

If you would like to know how we can help with your solar solution, contact us or call David on 0402 967 966.